Flow with Others

Welcome flowy ones to your own adventure of self, spirituality and wonders with other like minded people 🙂

My journey with ‘with the flow’ is to share what I have learnt and what has made my life so beautiful! I have always dreamt of having a little community of like minded people where we share our knowledge and our stories, encourage one another on our journeys and adventures and talk all things spiritual, soul and self.

One day I would love to start womens circles in our light filled front room, where women can get together and be soul crafty. Somewhere where we can meditate surrounds by candles and fairy lights, we can share stories, sip champers or herbal tea, make connections of yumminess, pull cards and learn different things each session.

But for now lets connect on Facebook wondrous souls. You can find us here and please join us if this is what you’ve been looking for or your simply just curious 🙂