Intuitive Reiki and Crystal Healing

Hello my name is Dani Bryant and I am an Intuitive Reiki healer in Perth, Western Australia. My passion is to help people in a calm, loving and nurturing way and that is why I have a passion with these healing techniques. My self healing started while being a mum as I felt overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out all the time so i needed to sort myself out and I have never looked back. Self healing not only helps you but the ones you love, and really the world! My outlook of the world and everything around me has changed for the better and I feel more relaxed, happy and light filled and now the materialistic possessions which I once thought were super important bear nothing to me now. I could go on and on but I will save that for blog posts!

Reiki means universal life energy and allows the positive reiki energy to travel from the crown chakra of the healer, through their hands and into the client fully clothed. It is a very relaxing session that consists of the healer placing their hands in certain hand positions around the body for intervals of 4-5 minutes. Reiki balances, aligns, promotes relaxation and aids in physical healing.

My practise is not religious based however it is spiritual as I work with my spirit guides and angels and if you choose to I can forward any information that I may receive through out the session (however this is not always guaranteed, think of it as an added bonus if messages do come through). My aim for the healing sessions is to guide and help you self heal- thats right you are a major factor in your own self healing and my job is to guide, mentor and teach you as well as giving you a beautiful relaxing session. Together we can make up a continuing plan and I will have tools available for sale so that you can do your own healing at home.

Some of the tools I use are crystals, essential oils, pendulums, oracle cards and universal life force energy through reiki. As you are the major factor in your healing you can choose what you would like me to use or not use. I offer a beautiful and very relaxing setting in my home for the sessions. I am a stay at home mumma to two beautiful girls so my session will be solely during the day and are by no means sexual. Each session ranges from about 1-1.5 hours and if you are interested in booking a session please contact me here or contact me via Facebook here or send me a message or call me on 0409884970. Session times are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am till 2.30pm.


Intuitive Reiki 1-1.5hrs- $65

Intuitive Reiki and Chakra balance- 1.5hrs- $70

Reiki for Children (parents present and the child can choose a crystal for home)- 30 mins – $30

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey of self discovery, healing and happiness.

Much love Dani xx