Full Moon in Scorpio Womens Circle- 30th April 2018

Welcome to another of with the flow’s beautiful womens circles 🙂 This one will be under the bright magic light of the full moon which will be in scorpio- so ladies this one is all about getting our wild and wonderful feminine out.

This circle will be about getting out your inner goddess- the light that shines within you. The full moon is scorpio is a great moon to release any past hurts, encouraging more fun in your life and bringing out those seductive, powerful lady powers that are within. I want this circle to be about us ladies releasing what ever is holding us back from being the powerful, confident, amazing, beautiful, light radiating feminine goddess that we are!!! Lets release what no longer serves us, what holds us back, the fears and mind thoughts that are limiting us from being the very best version of ourselves and lets move with the rhythm that is life, that is our bodies, that is our souls.


So together on this night we will burn what no longer serves us into the cauldron, you will be guided into meditations to bring out the goddess in you and to release the limitations that hold you back, we will pull cards, we will sip tea and nibble on yummies, we will chitter chatter and laugh and share stories and we will make our own sensual unique feminine essential oil perfume blend that you can take home with you and apply to yourself whenever you feel you need to bring out that inner goddess. You will get to take home a fuchsia velvet medicine bag with a rose quartz to help bring out that inner love and inner strength as well as your 10ml roller with your personal blend in it that is beautifully adorned with herbs and flowers.


If you would like to come to this beautiful event tickets are $30 and can be purchased below. The circles take place at my house in Palmyra, western Australia. I will send out emails closer to the night with further information like my address, what to bring etc.The circle starts at 7pm and finishes at around 8.30pm.

Full moon womens circle 30th April 2018

Full moon womens circle 30th April 2018 in Palmyra, Western Australia



Cant wait to see you on the night- its going to be magical!!

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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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