Pendulums- what are they and how to use them!!

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I’m going to share all things pendulums as I have made a few really different but amazing pendulums which work wonders!! So what are pendulums and how do we use them?



Pendulums are typically used as a form of divination and dowsing. Divination purposes they are used to answer basic yes/no/maybe questions such as “Should I apply for that new job?” “Should I buy those new boots?” “Will I get my parcel today?” “Should I concentrate on giving myself some me time today to recharge?” “Did I leave my keys in the lounge room?”…. practically anything can be asked!!! It’s also used in healing work to balance energy/chakras and to make contact with the spirit world. Using the pendulum for dowsing has been around for centuries for use in finding underground resources such as water, oil, metals, crystals etc.


You will find that a lot of pendulums around in shops are made with a crystal or conical shaped metal hanging from a chain. You can use anything to make a pendulum- as long as there is something at the end that has a bit of weight to it so that it can freely move. If you don’t have one you can always grab a piece of string and tie it around a rock or use a necklace with a pendant on the end. Its so important- like most tools that you use in your spiritual practise- to resonate with the pendulum that you choose. You’ve got to love it and treat it with respect as this positive energy that you put into it is going to really make for a wonderful relationship with the pendulum and your answers will be spot on and the pendulum will move with so much ease.


So how does a pendulum work? A pendulum works by responding to your bodies own energetic field and your intuition/higher self to jerk reflexes in your arm which allow the pendulum to move in a certain direction to answer your questions.

When you get your pendulum and for a few uses after you should program it. This means to figure out how it will swing for yes, no and maybe. Simply hold onto the top of the pendulum using your thumb and index finger and rest your elbow either on table or resting next to your body and keep your wrist straight. You can either say “show me a yes” or ask a question you know will answer yes. Sit here until the pendulum swings- there is no need to move your arm, keep it as still as possible. Now do the same for no and maybe. My pendulum swings up and down for yes; side ways for no; and in a clockwise circle for maybe. Yours might be the same or different just flow with it and don’t force a pendulum tome in a certain direction.


Right so now you programmed your pendulum, you are set to go!! Have fun and enjoy the process. Its amazing to watch the pendulum move to your questions. Try and use it daily to really cement your energy into it. Do not bring in negative or skeptical energies into your sessions with the pendulum as you will get negative readings. Start your sessions by sitting somewhere quiet, calm and relaxing and protect yourself with white light and ask your spiritual support team to join you. Always have a positive, respectful attitude to using the pendulum as you will then get right answers.

I have made a few wonderful pendulums that are available on my etsy shop.

Dani xx


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