Lets get these happy vibes back- medicine bag

So we all get days when we just don’t feel right- we feel down in the dumps and just plain blurghh!!! So I have put together a medicine bag to spark up the happy vibes and to get us out of our funk so we can have a truely epically awesome day 🙂

What you need is:

  • Your choice of the following herbs- Star anise (you might just have to break a little piece off), lavender, oregano and marjoram.
  • Red Jasper- helps lift your mood
  • Citrine- the happy stone
  • Clear quartz- feel good amplifier
  • Carnelian- promotes happiness  (you can again choice which crystals and how many you want- might get a bit heavy with all 4!)
  • Orange essential oil
  • Medicine bag
  • Mixing bowl and spoon


So like with the others place a pinch of your herbs into the bowl with a drop of the orange essential oil and as you mix them in a clockwise direction think about how happy your day is going to be- really focus on that intention and imagine it swirling in your bowl.

I like to have a little saying to go with it- this is what I say but make your own up if you want too 🙂

remove the blues and bring bright hues,

let they be bright and shine the light

of happiness, peace and love.”

Hold your crystals and imagine the intention infusing them as well, then place the herbs and crystals into your bag an away you go 🙂

Be happy bright ones 🙂

Dani xx

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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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