That time of the month ladies!!!

I love getting in sync with my monthly bleed- I think its something to cherish instead of moaning about it. Yep it hurts and it can be a pain when you want to go swimming however our bodies are the most magical gift and we have it for a reason!! So I have learnt to follow my pattern, to learn what my body does in the lead up to it and i always know when I’m going to get and how I’m going to manage it.

So ladies it’s only fitting that I have made up a medicine bag recipe for you all to wear in the lead up and during your monthly cycle. All the ingredients help relieve the symptoms of PMS and regulate your cycle. I get really bad period pain on the first day but since wearing my medicine bag and popping on y lady ointment and moody spray and potion (available on my etsy shop) there is no need now for pain killers- woohooooo!!!!


Okay so what do we need-

  • Medicine Bag (available here)
  • Moonstone- soothes symptoms of pms and regulates the cycle.
  • Chrysocolla- my FAVOURITE crystal- it soothes the symptoms of pms and regulates your hormones and really gets you into a state of calmness and clarity.
  • Rose Quartz- good for your cycle and enhances female energy.
  • Clear Quartz- intensifies the energy of all the others and a great feel good all rounder crystal to have.
  • A combination of the following herbs (you don’t need to use all soo go with what you have and your intuition and you can’t go wrong)- Mugwort, rue, marjoram, lavender, thyme, lemon balm and sage.
  • Clary Sage essential oil
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Wand- optional.

Okay so I like to make this a beautiful witchy ritual so I like to use my wand and open a circle around me. You can make this as complicated or simple as you like so as I haven’t done a blog post yet on wands and circles lets keep this simple. Hold your wand out arms length, stand facing east and visualise a white light coming out of it and move in a anti-clockwise direction (clockwise if your in the northern hemisphere) and as you move around visualise this white light beaming a proactive circle around you. Even simpler just visualise white light surrounding you from above!!

Okay so now you can put a pinch of your desired herbs into your bowl with the intention to help ease your symptoms and make life easier for you mentally, emotionally, hormonally and physically for the week or two.

I add a little wording to it- you  don’t have to but here is an example of mine-

“Every month thy shall shed,

for this we treasure and

hold sacred,

allow this time to hold strong

feminine energies to

circulate around us so as to

allow regulation and ease,

So mote it be.”

Mix it around and add a drop of your clary sage essential oil.

Put your mixture into your bag followed by the crystals- if it gets to full just pop in two crystals of your choice.


Voila your good to go. I also like to make a tea with the following herbs- lavender, rue, mugwort, sage and a rose bud and drink a few a day as well.

Wear this when you feel your getting to that ratty pms stage and wear it for a week or so.

Dani xx

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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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