Soul Craft Witchy

Hello everyone!!

I have just updated my etsy shop with the first soul craft witchy pack that I have lovingly put together for you. I love all things witchy and its a real shame that movies, media etc have still put a stigma on the name “witch”.

To me being a witch is about getting back to your roots as a women (or man) and its such a beautiful practice which involves intention, nature and the universe. The ritual of casting a spell is so beautiful and so loving and so full of light. Everyone does it differently which is the beauty of it but I like to keep my practice simple and crafty. There is absolutely no darkness in witchcraft and I wish people would see the light of that!! Spells work- they really do! When you lovingly gather your items for a spell you mix them together you write down your intention in whatever way you wish you pouch them up,  pop it into a box or medicine bag and trust that the universe will deliver- even if it is different to what you imagined!!!



Witch and medicine woman work hand in hand. It gets you out in nature and really makes you obverse your surroundings and opens your eyes to what on offer. We live in such a fast paced world now where we are all sooooo busy and soooo tired and soooo not in touch with really who we are or what we actually live in- we are loosing touch with mother nature.

Being a witch/spiritual has made me completely re think what was once important (i.e.: needing the lasted fashion in both clothes and home wares). Now I fill my life with things that I actually love and not what is on trend!! I make things, I use my hands, I make up concoctions for my family, I read books, I fill my garden with healing plants, I sit on the lawn and soak up the sun or moonlight, I teach my children about the importance of looking after our earth, they watch their mumma craft spells and they want to help me- the list goes on and my heart fills full. Its truely a wonderful way to live.

So I hope that I can continue to make these packs for everyone and you too can start your wonderful soul craft witchy adventure.


To find the pack on my etsy shop click here..

Dani xx


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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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