Concentration, Focus and Clarity

Welcome to Medicine bag recipe number one 🙂

I love these as they really help me in my day to day living and functioning. I’m going to regular post up recipe/spells for the medicine bags (which you can buy from at my etsy shop.

So here goes this one is for days when your head feels like its going to burst at the seams. You wake up and but your brain stays in bed. There are days when I simply just can not focus on anything, my head is mush and I walk around in a daze and achieve absolutely nothing!!


So what you need is:

  • A small bowl with a mixing spoon
  • Dried rosemary (helps memory and concentration)
  • Dried thyme (strengthens focus and concentration)
  • Cinnamon stick (Increase ability to concentrate and focus the mind)
  • Lemon Essential oil (Improves mental clarity and focus)
  • Carnelian (aids concentration)
  • Clear Quartz (feel good intensifier)
  • Fluorite (Improves mental clarity and concentration)
  • Tourmaline (optional if you feel you need a little grounding as well and if you can fit it into your medicine bag) ( Improves mental block and lets thoughts flow as well as keeping you grounded and not feeling so ‘airy fairy’)

I love to cast a circle with my wand to start but this is totally optional and you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.

So I place a pinch of dried rosemary, thyme and break of a little piece of cinnamon stick and place it in the little bowl. With my spoon ( or wand) I mix them together with the intention to be focused, to have clarity and to have a heck of a lot of concentration!! I have a little poem that goes something like this that I say, but I encourage you to put it into your own words if you would like,

“These powers combined,

I will strengthen the mind,

Bring forth focus, clarity and concentration

So mote it be”


I mix in a clockwise direction until I feel my intention is out there. I add a drop of lemon essential oil into the mix then i put the mix into my medicine bag with the crystals and wear for the day. If you would like to wear this one more than one day go for it- I would then just hold the intention again for a few minutes while its around your neck just to recharge it.

Happy concocting 🙂

Dani xx





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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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