Lets be real with spirituality

Hello lovely ones- my gosh i haven’t posted on here for months!!! Few reasons, I felt like i had lost my mojo and really had no idea what I was doing or the direction I was taking- so why post when I had zero motivation and enthusiasm.

So this is where this blog post has come into fruition. Lets go back almost two years ago when I decided to stop my creative business of making jewellery and clothing and really delved into my spirituality and being a mum to our two girls.  I have always been a spiritual person- loving everything about it as I would always gravitate to the new age shops and love everything that was inside (well almost everything!) but i suppose you would say I was in the spiritual closet. Anyway decided to walk out of the closet and open my arms out wide to the spiritual world. It swept me off my feet and I was drawn to it like fire. Yep I bought crystals, books, cards, incense, oils, trinkets etc you name it i bought it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love what I have and use it on almost on a daily basis however I felt that I was taking two steps forwards and ten steps backwards with the spirituality way of life or connection.


Heres the thing with spirituality- you will read these “self help, motivational” books by people who are very connected to the spiritual world and you read all things on how to connect with guides, how to use intuition, astral travel, increase your psychic abilities, what to eat and what not to eat, how to live in a happy bubble, how to meditate etc etc and read their stories and think “gosh that sounds sooooooo easy and I can totally do this because they say I can!!”

Well they’re wrong. And this is going to be focused mainly on mums out there. So in order to be spiritual I had to find time for myself EVERYDAY to meditate, pull cards, to journal, to dowse my body with oils, sit in nature, meditate, do a few yoga poses, meditate- did i mention to sit down for 10 minutes and meditate, ooohhhh my gosh my brain was exploding!!! So then started the anxiety because being a mum I can’t even go the toilet by myself let alone find this time to do daily rituals that consisted of a million things to increase my spirituality and intuition. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE doing these rituals and meditations – but not on a daily basis. I started to get grumpy, cranky, resentful to my family because I wasn’t fulfilling my “spiritual practise” therefore not getting to a connection that I was promised I would get to in these books. Can I tell you that most of these books are written by awesome women who have NO children. This was the part that I was forgetting- I”M a MUM to two small dependable beautiful children. I got myself lost in trying to do something spiritual every two seconds that I had free- and nothing seemed to work. I was getting more and more frustrated. I had bouts of awesome psychic and intuitivemessages and meditations and then nothing for ages. It was like the more and more I tried and pushed living intuitively the less and less likely it actually happened. So I was feeling pretty down about myself about everything really- which made me more upset because I was like “well living intuitively and spiritually was meant to make me happier”


My husband even told me that I was happier when I had my business Love Dani. He was right- as much as it was stressful and at the end I just couldn’t take it anymore when I thought about it I was actually happier. Wanna know why….. I was creating!!! I’m a creative person and I love making things. I completely stopped my creative flow as I thought i needed to spend all my spare time meditating!!

So its funny now when I look back that I had constant visions of kitchens- guess what i’m doing now- using my kitchen to dye fabric and yarn and I couldn’t be HAPPIER. So what I’m trying to say is stop reading the spiritual motivational books especially if your a mumma. Being spiritual and living intuitively doesn’t mean that you will be a psychic, or that you will always be happy, or that you should wear certain clothes, or stop drinking coffee and alcohol, and most certainly does not mean that you should meditate everyday.


Being spiritual is about doing what makes you feel happy!! Theres so much magic out in the world and its all about finding your happy place with it. I LOVE making magic with nature, with intention, with the moon, getting back to to our roots. I love being a green witch to me its the most natural form of being spiritual. I love using my crystals, my oils, my books, my cards but i have found a very happy balance with spending time doing this, spending time with friends and family and spending time to create. My form of meditation is when I making.


I encourage everyone to be spiritual as its a wonderful way of living, it really can change the way you live and the way you see the world. I learnt after months and months of trying that I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t letting the flow happen. I had felt that I needed to fit this stereotype of”spiritually” when in actual fact my intuition and connection sky rockets as soon as i started being myself again- being creative and thats why i love witch craft so much because you can be so creative with it. I meditate 1-2 times a week and when I do it feels absolutely amazing. Being spiritual doesn’t have to take over your life and never compare yourself to that of others. We are all so very different and all on different paths.


My reiki too has benefited from me just flowing with life- I had an amazing session with a gorgeous client last week and I felt for the first time that it was effortless and I connected so easily now that I am just flowing with it instead of trying to make things happen and the session was mind blowing for both of us. If you don’t connect with spirit guides, angels, loved ones don’t get discourage as you probably are but not in the way you think. I thought that by connecting to my spritit guides, angels etc I had to actually see them. So i was trying and trying to see them with my third eye in a physical formation that you see in pictures. But what I was realising is that I was seeing them but in sparkles of colour and flashes of light. They did occasionally come to me in “human” faces but again this is when we need to flow with it. So what I’m trying to tell you is don’t bombard your life with trying to be spiritual. It comes to you when you flow with what you love doing. And for goodness sake drink your coffee and enjoy your wine- that aint going to stop you from being spiritual!!

Dani xxx

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Im just a women flowing with life and trying to make each day the best I can. I want to share love and light and share with you all what is making my life so much better :)

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