Energy Clearing

There are a few ways in which you can clear negativity from your home, workspace, crystals, divination tools, furniture etc and your own personal space or energy bodies. White sage has got to be the most popular method however thats not the only method. It is widely available from many health food and new age shops. I love using sage and loving performing the ceremony of clearing and cleansing myself, my little ones and our house. Theres something very magical and wonderful doing it and you can feel the effect and change immediately. White sage however has a very strong smell to it and quite a few people don’t like it. So thats why there are other options out there that do just a marvellous job then the white sage. Have included here a lavender/rosemary bundle that I have made myself from my garden, a beautiful mix of essential oils that you can spray instead of burn, and a palo santo stick. I’ll go though how to use each one:


White Sage: White Sage is known by the American Indians to have the spirit devoted to it for clearing, protecting and blessings. Start by gathering your tools for smudging; sage, a heat proof dish (abalone shell, small ceramic dish), a feather or something to waft the smoke up into corners, a lighter. Whether your smudging yourself or your house always have a window open to allow the negative energy to exit. I always stand in a quite mediative state first imagining white light around me and ask my guides to join me in the cleansing ceremony. Set your intention for the saging and keep this vibe of your intention throughout the clearing. I also repeat a little sentence of “As I wave this sage smoke negative energies will be released” but you can say what you like as long as it’s positive. Light the end of your sage stick and allow it do smoulder down to smoke. Place in you heat proof dish and with your dominate hand hold your feather and fan out the smoke, especially in the corners of your room. I always start at the front of the house and then go in a clockwise direction and follow each room in order of the house plan ( I therefore don’t start in the front and go straight to the back). Make sure that you really get in the corners, under furniture and use your intuition with this. So once I have finished the house I will then sage myself and then dip the smouldering sage into the bowl or into sand to stop the smoke. And you are done 🙂 I do this about once a month and will sage myself about once a week or whenever I feel sluggish, down, and generally blah.

Lavender/Rosemary Bundle: If you a green thumb and you grow lavender and rosemary then you can make your own smudge stick. It does just a good job as sage and I like the smell a little better. I also attach a clear quartz to it to really amplify the cleansing power.  The method is exactly the same as using sage.

Clearing Spray: I love this spray and use it daily!! It not only smells amazing but has a wonderful effect as well. I use this a lot before and after my healing sessions. I spray this on anything I feel needs a lift of positively and needs the negativity gone. I spray myself, my house, furniture, crystals- pretty much anything!! (Not food or drinks though) You can either buy this spray from my etsy shop or make it yourself using a few drops each of sage, eucalyptus and doter purifying blend and mix it with spring water.

Palo Santo-  Palo Santo is a tree that grows on the coast of South America and it is related to the frankincense and myrrh family. It has a beautiful woody fruity smell to it. In spanish it means “Holy Wood”. Its a beautiful alternative to sage and I love the smell of it.  However it doesn’t burn as easily as sage. Light the palo santo with your lighter on a 45 degree angle and let it burn for about 30 secs- 1 minute and then blow out. I then go about the same methods as per sage. If the smoke starts to dwindle off just blow into the embers and it would start to re- light again. Once you have finished I just place it in the dish and let it burn out.


Singing bowls: I love using my sing bowl and I love how it works. I love to walk around each room and play my singing bowl as the high vibrations of the bowl disturb the lower negative vibrations therefore adding more healthy negative ions in the air, just like how a salt lamp works. Always set a beautiful intention and play away- I also imagine that the icky negativity is flowing away with the sounds of the bowl 🙂

Cleansing and clearing smudge sticks

These beautiful smudge sticks are handmade by me using all organic lavender and rosemary sprigs from my garden with eucalyptus leaves and rose petals wrapped around them with a clear quartz attached to intensify the cleansing and clearing ritual.




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