Getting to know your Chakras

Hello flowy ones hope our day has been wonderful!! So I have put together beautiful chakra packs- one with crystals and one with roll on essential oils- and I thought I should introduce you to your chakras.

So what are these chakras you ask? You have 7 main chakras in your body and they are wheels of life force energy that each vibrate at a different level in your auric field and correspond to different areas of the body in regards to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness and are associated with different colours. This is why there are certain crystals for each chakra as they teach vibrate at the same level therefore promoting healing and balancing to that particular chakra.

So lets look briefly at the 7 chakras-


Base Chakra- #1 

Crystal= Red Jasper  Colour=Red

Situated at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with your protection, safety, survival, security, family connections and physical health. When this chakra is imbalanced you feel worried about finances, career, home life, possessions and a lack of belonging.


Sacral Chakra- #2

Crystal=Carnelian  Colour=Orange

Situated about 2 inches below your navel. This chakra is associated with your sexuality, reproduction, desire, emotions, creativity, personal power and relationships. When imbalanced you feel unstable and depressed, your in complicated relationships, jealous, you have unhealthy addictions.


Solar Plexus Chakra- #3

Crystal= Citrine  Colour=Yellow

Situated upper abdominal, just below your ribcage. This chakra is associated with ambition, personality, self-esteem, abundance, self-confidence and identity. It is also associated with clairsentience, which is clear sensing/feeling, and is responsible for distributing energy around the rest of the body. When imbalanced your indecisive, lack confidence, have problems following through on things and have a lack of personal identity.


Heart Chakra-#4

Crystal=Green Aventurine/Rose quartz  Colour=Green/pink

Situated centre of your chest. This chakra is associated with love, compassion, forgiveness, emotions, self-love, intuition, attachment to others and empathy. When imbalanced you feel insecure, isolated, feeling of not belonging and you tend to put others first.


Throat Chakra- #5

Crystal= Blue lace agate  Colour=Blue

Situated at your throat. This chakra is associated with communication, self-expression and speaking your truth. When imbalanced you tend to gossip, judge, dominate a conversation, and you don’t speak your truth.


Third Eye Chakra- #6

Crystal=Amethyst  Colour=Violet/Indigo

Situated on the forehead between your brows. This chakra is associated with intuition, clairvoyance (clear seeing), spiritual awareness, creativity, intelligence and wisdom. When imbalanced you tend to have a know-it-all personality, lack of accepting reality and are difficult listeners.


Crown Chakra- #7

Crystal= Clear Quartz  Colour=Violet/White

Situated above the top of your head. This chakra is associated with unconditional love, selfishness, enlightenment, connection to spirit realm and knowing your life purpose. When imbalanced you tend to be sceptical and intolerant of others ideas and beliefs.

Grounding/Earth Chakra

Crystal=Smoky quartz/ black tourmaline  Colour=Brown/black

Situated at base of feet. This chakra brings in healing from the earth and helps protect, ground and shield.

So there they are these wondrous chakras of ours- in a very brief overview. I’ll be focusing on each one more in depth as time goes by but for now this is a easy start.


So how do I balance these babies you ask?? 

Easy peasy!! I offer chakra balancing sessions at home (see above picture) and if you would like to book a sessions for $85 just shoot me a email here.

Or you can do it at home with a set of chakra crystals which you can get here. There are chakra balancing guided meditations that you can easily get from the internet as well which may be a great start if your new to the whole world of meditating.

Start of by finding a beautiful quiet sacred space in your home to meditate. Sit down with your crystals placed i order (from crown to earth) on your forearm or better still lie down and place your crystals on each area of the body as described above. Close your eyes, take three deep breathes in/out and imagine a beautiful white light surrounding you in a bubble. Sit here for awhile and really feel the white energy penetrate you- clearing and protecting you from negative thoughts, energies, and beings. Now focus on the area of your base chakra and imagine a red wheel spinning. Notice the colour, the speed which it is spinning and bringing the white light to the chakra to clear, cleanse and balance. When you feel ready move your thoughts and intentions to the next chakra, the sacral, and repeat the process until you get to your crown chakra. Once you have done this sit or lie for a few moments (around 10 minutes) and let the crystals work their magic by continuing the balance the chakra and aligning them with their vibrations. Once you feel intuitively ready slowly remove the crystal one by one starting form the crown and finishing at the earth (by doing it in this order you are allowing yourself to remain grounded once the session has finished).

It is also important to remember to cleanse your crystals regularly from any negative energies they may pick up during a balancing. You can do this infusing white light on them (just sit there with your crystals in your hands and close your eyes and visualise white light around you and over your crystals), putting them out in the full moon, white saying them or use a cleansing spray over them- you can get a spray from my easy shop here.

Happy Chakra Balancing and enjoy the process flowy ones.

Love, light and earthly sparkles

Dani xx


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